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Hi Members,
to survive the Levels you will have to recruit your Gang Members.
You will find some Prospects and Hangarounds in nearby Sushi and other Bars…
and without the Supporters you will not be able to survive…

But do not shoot at them and be friendly or ……they will ***** your A*****

Prepare for the worst,
The President


Hi Members,

whole Crew hardworking on the BETA.

Please find below a Screenshots taken from the Real Game.

Stay tuned for the Beta Dowload and Register yourself!

Asta La Vista,

The President



please find below the Concept of  a Guards of a Member

Usually you will meet them on Bikes ….

Their Skin can be tuned with Special Tattoos …..

the Screenshot had been taken directly outta the Beta Game.


Hope you like it Bros,,,,

The President

Guards of A Gang - Special Tattoo

Guards of A Gang – Special Tattoo

Hi Folks,

we are still working hard on the Beta Release of the Game.

Please enjoy below the Conceptual Art Work of the Bleeds Gang.

World of Gangs - Game Draft - Ganag the Bleeds

World of Gangs – Game Draft – Gang the Bleeds